Property Management

Attract and Keep Good Tenants

Throughout the country, demand for rental properties by tenants usually outweighs the number of properties available. This supply and demand … Read more »

Clean properties attract the best tenants

What is the best way to attract the best possible tenant for your property?

• A property can never be too … Read more »

Do you sense anxiety when you hear the word ‘vacancy’ with your investment property?

While the aim should be to keep your vacancy periods to a … Read more »

The Business in Being a Landlord

Being the owner of an investment property is similar to running a … Read more »

Landlord basics: how do bonds work?

A rental bond is a sum of money – usually equating to four to six weeks’ worth of rent – … Read more »

Tips to Boost Rental Yield

Securing strong rental yields from rental income should be the strategy of … Read more »

What Expenses Can You Claim On Your Rental Property?

As an owner of a rental property, you are entitled to claim … Read more »

Strategic Lease Renewals Reduces Risk and Optimses Annual Yield

Managing your lease is a lot like running a business. When running … Read more »

Is Your Investment Property Ready For Winter?

With winter just around the corner now is the time to ensure … Read more »

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