Stage 4 Restrictions

We are still working under strict Stage 4 restrictions as outlined in the latest advice from the REIV as below.


We are receiving a number of questions regarding the services permitted during the 6-week lock down. Our discussions with government are continuing and we expect that there will be some revisions to the current directions. All our feedback has been taken on-board and some concessions will be made to allow the sector to continue helping people move in and out of properties.

However, until we have seen the written directions we recommend that movement of agents in Metro Melbourne be limited to the following:

1. Work that can be done remotely i.e. from your home can still be done.

Work activities that you can perform from home are permitted. For example, signing up new clients, negotiations, document signing, etc. that could be managed via video calls, emails or phones can continue. The Directions do not limit this.

2. Lease ending during this period:

  • Services related to the end of a lease can be performed. Ensure correct permits are in place and all social distancing measures, curfew period, face coverings, etc., as per Workplace Directions are implemented.
  • Arrange a contact less handover of keys, electronic exchange of documents where possible
  • Agent can go to the property to conduct a final inspection.
REIV recommendation – document the property thoroughly with photographs and video as there is unlikely to be another opportunity for the agent to do this.

3. Lease signed before 6th August and commencing during this period

  • If a lease was signed prior to 6th August and the tenant is expected to move in during this period, they can do so.
  • The Directions DO NOT explicitly permit the agent to visit the property to assist in this process. However, you can assist the new tenant via email, phone, and any other non-contact methods.
REIV recommendation – consider using key locks, couriers or any other means to provide keys to the new tenant

4. The Minister’s Office has re-confirmed that no movement is permitted from Melbourne to Regional Victoria for the purpose of inspecting a property.

6. There are still some agents hosting online auctions from their offices.

Online auctions can only be held from your home. There are no provisions for visiting the office to sell a property. We urge you to reconsider the risks you are taking. The fines imposed are very high so please act with caution. A reminder to also update listings that may be still advertising inspections by private appointment.

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