Repairs and Maintenance

All homes will need upkeep from time-to-time. When routine inspections are performed, your property manager will identify any items which may need repair around your investment property.

Your tenant may also occasionally report items for repair during their lease, which is to be viewed as a positive sign of open communication – there’s nothing worse than discovering a small problem (i.e. a crack in a wall or a window, mould build-up due to lack of ventilation in a shower) which has grown into a bigger problem due to inattention!

If an item breaks down in your property, it must be repaired in a reasonable time-frame. If a repair cannot be achieved, the item needs to be replaced.

As a time-saving measure, consider giving your property manager an authorised repairs budget so they may swiftly enact any repairs necessary to your investment property.

By being proactive in matters of maintenance and repair, you are helping to ensure that your investment remains in quality condition for many years to come.

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