Why We Recommend Top Up Cleans

In all cases a tenant is required to leave a property reasonably clean and as Property Managers we ensure this is the case… However in our experience there is the general living ‘wear n’ tear’ that after a few tenancies raises problems. Even after a few tenancies – when a property is handed to us thoroughly cleaned at the end of the tenancy, it isn’t as clean as it was when the first tenant moved in.

In such scenarios as this we recommend a top-up clean so we can bring the rental property back to a very high standard again as it was in the beginning of your first tenancy.

A sound long-term view of maximising your rental is to keep your investment property in the best condition possible and most appealing for good tenants. This requires a landlord that is willing to invest back into the rental property to achieve such goals. Along with general cleaning and thorough cleaning to maintain the condition and appeal of your rental property it is also important to be mindful of other areas of the property that might need renewing or updating.

We recommend that you focus on making your property the best it can be at all times as this means when it comes time to sell, you will receive the best price possible without having to spend lots of money making it ‘sale ready’.

Let us know if you would like us to advise what improvements you could make to ensure your rental investment is bringing the very best return the marketplace can offer you.

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