Security First

If you’ve ever had your home or car broken into, you’ll know it’s a deeply unsettling experience. More than just the value of the objects stolen, the knowledge that
your space or property has been intruded upon is worrisome.

With that in mind, have you given your investment property a security audit recently?

Making sure your investment property is well secured is important for several reasons.

Firstly, a secure property is highly valued by tenants and may add to your investment’s attractiveness, improving your rental return.

Additionally, a well-secured investment property may reduce your annual landlord insurance premiums.

Think secure doors and windows with robust locks and security locks – now is the time to update those rudimentary security measures such as wooden dowels
in sliding windows.

Secure air conditioners, as they can be removed by thieves and used as in-windows. Large pet-doors are also potential security risks – if a human could feasibly squeeze through one, make sure they’re lockable.

Consider installing security cameras and motion sensor lights too – the more difficult a property looks to violate, the less likely it will be broken into.

For more ideas on improving the security of your assets, contact your landlord insurance provider and property manager.

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