Don’t allow your investment property to deteriorate

Allowing your investment property to deteriorate over time is a big mistake. While in the short term it may be tempting to save money on regular maintenance, in the long run neglecting the property will prove very costly. Your investment is less likely to increase in value as much as others, the rental income will be lower and tenants will be less likely to respect the premises.

What should you be maintaining?
If you own a rental property, it pays to spend money on things like;

  • quality locks
  • security screens
  • a fresh coat of paint
  • air-conditioning
  • floor coverings
  • window treatments
  • tap fittings
  • contemporary tiling
  • repairs to cupboards

Many of these expenditures are tax deductible and will likely lead to higher returns.

A well-maintained investment property is also less likely to be damaged by tenants. Though rare, the best way to avoid destructive behaviour is to provide tenants with a property in top condition. Most tenants will keep a rental property in the same condition they found it.

You  can also make things easier on yourself from the outset by purchasing a rental that is low maintenance and structurally sound from the outset, however even the best investment properties need regular maintenance  and  occasional upgrades.

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