Darling Street

Beverley Hills South Yarra

Darling Street of course was recently made nationally famous with hordes of people traversing its gentle incline to catch a glimpse of number 27, the apartment building that starred in the last series of The Block. However, long before The Block invaded, Darling Street was a favourite amongst some of Melbourne’s most well-known architects and property developers with low rise apartment blocks sitting beside upmarket houses both modern and historically significant. Melbourne architectural enthusiasts have long been enamoured by the varied architectural styles that adorn the street.

Originally starting its days as Prahran Street, development began in the area in the 1850 and 60’s, stimulated by the arrival of the railway. Darling Street was home to South Yarra Racecourse and it was this land that was subdivided and led to expansive development in the 1920 and 30’s.
Howard Lawson and his business partner purchased a large piece of South Yarra land in 1922 and subsequently developed the land over the next twenty years. Far from conventional, the buildings ranged from California Bungalow style maisonettes through to an exotic Hollywood Glamour/Spanish Mission style apartment blocks. Overlooking the Yarra River, Darling Street had a style not uncommon with the Hollywood Hills at the time.

Constructed c.1936 Beverley Hills was the crowning jewel amongst Lawson’s various South Yarra properties. Built using recycled bricks from recently demolished Toorak mansions Beverley Hills was the largest apartment complex of its type in Melbourne of the 1930s. Complete with a grotto-style swimming pool, adorned by leadlight inserts and a footbridge along with a communal rooftop garden the building is well known for attracting a wide-ranging mix of eccentric and creative tenants.


Recently Sold Properties on Darling Street

109/52 Darling Street South Yarra      $320,000        28 June 2018
209/52 Darling Street South Yarra      undisclosed    28 June 2018
9/44 Darling Street South Yarra        $655,000           2 June 2018

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