Daly Street

Daly Street South Yarra

Daly Steet South Yarra

The low-lying land and buildings of Daly Street South Yarra were originally owned by D.B. Daly, a landlord who didn’t spend much time in the area. Daly had a heavy mortgage load and carried out few repairs on the buildings in the area which had become known as a slum. In 1910 the council was forced to declare the houses unfit for habitation and the tenants were forced to vacate, forcing Daly to sell. The area was purchased by Dr Eustace Keogh who submitted plans to revitalise the area.

Between 1911 and 1925 the area was transformed, the street was widened; a few of the houses were restored but most were demolished, the low lying swamp land was drained and eventually reclaimed and Ameilda Crescent was created. This part of South Yarra flourished during the 1920s, the new Church Street Bridge was built, electric trams started running along Chapel Street, a high school was built on Forrest Hill and new businesses set up in the area.

Nearly one hundred years on and the area has again undergone a revitalisation. The popular Lucia development enjoys some of the amenities of all the newly built apartments in the Forest Hill Precinct whilst the Olsen Hotel and recent additions SMÄK Food House and Zumbo Café are turning this one time slum into a popular street to live on.

Recent Property Sales on Daly Street

920/8 Daly Street South Yarra Undisclosed June 2020
215/8 Daly Street South Yarra $590,000 April 20202
1211/8 Daly Street South Yarra $518,250 April 2020

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