Clean properties attract the best tenants

What is the best way to attract the best possible tenant for your property?

• A property can never be too clean especially bathrooms and kitchens. The best prospective tenants are notoriously picky on the cleanliness test, especially
focusing on carpets if the family market is your main target market.

• Letting light into a property can make a huge difference to the way the property feels and the way it is perceived by prospective tenants. Making sure that all windows are spotlessly clean will help allow as much light as possible into the property, it is amazing the difference to the amount of light a clean window lets in.

• Bathrooms and kitchens are generally one of the key selling points to any property. A few tricks are to paint over old tiles, sand and paint timber cabinets and
replacing old taps and towel rails. These few simple and affordable tasks can breathe life back into any kitchen or bathroom and can promise to impress.

• Everyday clutter needs to go. Everyone knows that cleaning and household duties need to be done on a daily basis; however prospective tenants don’t want to see it out on display.

• If you are going to paint your new property, keep it neutral so that the tenant can visualise their furniture in it and not worry about colours clashing. The more attractive you make the property to potential tenants the more quality applications you are likely to receive.

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