Clean now, save later

While property managers make it clear to tenants that they must clean their leased property to a high  standard before they vacate, condition reports do allow for inevitable wear and tear on a rental property after long leases and multiple tenants. A property can appear to be scrupulously clean at first glance, but the natural aging of high-use areas such as hallways, lounge rooms and ‘wet zones’ (read: bathrooms and kitchens) will still require ‘top up’ maintenance cleans occasionally.

When necessary, we suggest landlords invest in the professional cleaning of  their rental property – which can help postpone major repainting and the replacement of carpets, in addition to adding ‘polish’ to your property and attracting great new tenants.

Keeping your asset clean and in good repair (while keeping an eye on features that may need updating or replacing  due to excessive wear) can help ensure that you consistently garner your optimum rental income.

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