Alexandra Street

This land was originally purchased in 1849 at the first land sale in the area which was held during a quiet period in the colony’s economy. Former Collins Street Estate Agent and Mayor of Melbourne Peter Davis was the purchaser and he proceeded to subdivide the fifty-three acres he had purchased for twelve pounds fifteen shillings per acre during the period 1850-52.

Alexandra Street (not to be confused with Alexandra Avenue) started its life as Victoria Street and was part of Lot 378. Most of Alexandra Street was developed quite early, standing as it did on ground slightly higher than the surrounding area. In 1857 there were 37 small wooden cottages with an average of three rooms each. Only a third of these were owner occupied, the majority being rented to skilled or semi-skilled Artisans together with a few unskilled laborers.

The land on the northern side of the street was purchased in 1853 by William Craig, a Scot, who’d arrived in Melbourne in 1850. Scot started his Australian dream working in an iron foundry before shifting his focus to brick making, he also tried his hand digging gold but brick making called his name and in 1853 he opened his own brickwork’s in South Yarra. Craig continued here until the ground was worked out in 1860 and he was forced to find work as a quarry man in Richmond. Craig lived at number 13 Alexandra Street and built five cottages for income.

A surprising number of these early cottages remain and good examples can be viewed at 4 and 6 near Punt Road and at number 36 along the middle section.
Also of note in Alexandra Street, The Salvation Army commenced its South Yarra operations in February 1891 at number 37.

Recent Property Sales Up Your Street
46 Alexandra Street South Yarra $1,430,000 23 June 2018
54 Alexandra Street South Yarra $1,780,000 28 September 2016

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