Landlords – Reducing your Risk

Being a landlord offers many benefits: amongst them, a time-proven way to build wealth via the security of ‘bricks and … Read more »

Security First

If you’ve ever had your home or car broken into, you’ll know … Read more »

Raising the Rent, When and How?

Raising the Rent, When and How?

When you have a portfolio of investment properties, staying on top of … Read more »

The Benefits in Having Great Tenants

Most landlords are aware that great tenants pay their … Read more »

What to do When Things go Bad

Property investment poses risks, like any type of investment, and one risk that can never be completely eliminated is the … Read more »

Selling a Leased Property

Occasionally, life plans change. You may have signed a lease agreement fully intending on owning the property for its duration … Read more »

When Fixtures and Fittings Should Be Updated

Some of the things that start to show their age quickly in property are fixtures and fittings. While some fixtures … Read more »

Calculate Yield

What Does Rental Yield Mean?

Rental Yield is a measure of how much cash [or rent] your property produces each year, as a percentage of … Read more »

What Does the Typical Tenant Look Like in 2019?

Statistics recently released show that the current profile of a typical tenant is a female aged between 35 and 49 … Read more »

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