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Bill Cook started his real estate career in 1969 and is the Managing Director and senior partner of Williams Batters, continuing the tradition of the Williams family ownership of the firm since 1920. During his tenure the company has continued to ensure strong growth while maintaining its reputation for excellent service to its clients based on integrity and professionalism.

Bill has been a Stonnington resident for over 50 years and during that period of time has developed an extensive network of contacts primarily in the residential development and project industries that appreciate his no nonsense and humble approach.

Bill has vast experience in all areas of real estate, he is a fully licensed Estate Agent and REIV accredited Auctioneer. He is an associate of The Real Institute of Australia and a past president of both the Southern branch of the REIV and the South Yarra Chamber of Commerce.

Bill is a former Chairman of the Property Profile Group which is the largest Collection of Melbourne's most successful independent real estate businesses.

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