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Avoca Street South Yarra Street Sign

Avoca Street

Avoca Street South Yarra

Within walking distance … Read more »

Leopold Street

Leopold Street South Yarra
In 1885 nine and a half acres of land between Fawkner Park and The Royal Botanic Gardens … Read more »

Myrtle Street

The original land was purchased by Peter Davis in 1849. He was … Read more »

Punt Road

Punt Road South Yarra
Punt Road is one of Melbourne’s most … Read more »

Park Street South Yarra

Park Street

Park Street South Yarra
One of the oldest streets in South Yarra, architecturally … Read more »

Cassell Street

Cassell Street South Yarra

Cassell Street is named after The … Read more »

Daly Street South Yarra

Daly Street

Daly Steet South Yarra
The low-lying land and buildings of Daly Street South Yarra were originally owned by D.B. Daly, a … Read more »

Coolullah Avenue

Coolullah Avenue South Yarra
Coolullah Avenue is a cul-de sac located on the west side of Williams Road just south of … Read more »

Kensington Road

Kensington Road South Yarra
At the June 1840 land sales 21 acres were purchased by Mr Charles Williams at $66 per … Read more »

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