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Capital Gain or Cash Flow – Which Goal Is Best For You?

There are two main objectives for property investors – cash flow and capital gain. While it’s quite realistic to set … Read more »

Sustainable Investment Property: Why Going Green Counts

Caring about the environment we live in: it’s not merely the concern … Read more »

Our Tips on Property Investing Success

You’re unlikely to become an overnight millionaire when buying, selling and renting properties, but it may be possible to create … Read more »

Gardens and Investment Property: Whose Responsibility is it Anyway?

Many a tenant and landlord relationship has become fraught with tension over the … Read more »

Length of Tenancy: What Usually Works Out Best?

It is most common for a lease agreement term to be fixed for either six months or 12 months, and … Read more »

If Your Property Became Vacant Today, What Rent Would It Realise?

Tenants are better educated today and are aware of the going rate for a certain type of property in a … Read more »

Convenience is Still the Winner

Rental Demand: What really separates rental properties in the minds of tenants, and what will they actually pay more for? … Read more »

Safety and Compliance

The property must comply with various safety standards required by legislation. Tenancy and … Read more »

Landlords – Reducing your Risk

Being a landlord offers many benefits: amongst them, a time-proven way to build wealth via the security of ‘bricks and … Read more »

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