50 Commercial Road, Prahran

Executors Auction


1974 was an incredible time in Australia, it was the first year the show Countdown aired on TV and the first time ever you could use a credit card: the effective interest rate was 18% on those cards, luckily today you won't to need to pay anywhere near that interest for a property like this. The owners paid 47,000 pounds for the building, some 47 years ago. What they didn't know for sure then was just how good an investment it would be. Like all good property investments, time needed to pass before the benefits came to fruition. Like the owners all those years ago, the incoming buyer will have an incredible opportunity to set themselves up for a prosperous future. Even more so now, given the scope to be able to enhance, expand or redevelop the site, subject to Council and any other approvals of course. Just like in 1974, the Countdown is on, and for those who can see past the current condition and that have a vision towards a bright future; 50 Commercial Road is undoubtably one of those rare, historic opportunities.

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