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Alexandra Street

This land was originally purchased in 1849 at the first land sale in the area which was … Read more »

Phoenix Street

The land that is now Phoenix Street was originally sold to Peter Davis in 1849 for … Read more »

Chambers Street

Around 1850 James Chambers purchased 6 1/2 acres and formed and named Chambers Street. James Chambers ran the Ayres Arms … Read more »

Argo Hotel South Yarra

Argo Street

Argo Street was named after “The Argo”, owned by the General Screw Steam Company. This boat only took 60 days … Read more »

Cunningham Street

Prior to European settlement the immediate area of what is now Cunningham Street South Yarra was a beautiful stretch of … Read more »

Norman Avenue

The area where Norman Avenue now lays was originally part of an Estate named “Bonnington” which had 198 foot frontage to … Read more »